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Cleobury Heritage


Churches & old buildings:

Every parish has at least one church at its heart:
  • Unusual spires of St. Mary the Virgin (Cleobury Mortimer) & St. Johns (Mamble)
  • Rare alabaster tombs in St.Johns (Kinlet) & All Saints (Neen Sollars)
  • Centuries old yews in the churchyards of Silbury, Farlow and Milson
  • Saxon origins at St. Mary’s (Stottesdon)
  • Industrial connections: Oreton & Clows Top Methodist Chapels, Chorley Baptist Chapel
Most parishes have listed buildings researched by local history societies:
  • 1 Grade I listed & 12% Grade II in Neen Savage
  • Manor houses of distinction - Hopton Court, Shakenhurst, Mawley, Kinlet Hall & Detton Halls
  • Village cottages, farmsteads & mills. Georgian houses and pubs in Cleobury Mortimer

wildlife-in-cleoburyIndustrial & geological heritage:

Cleobury Country has a little known industrial heritage since medieval times determined by the wide span of geological ages that underpin its landscape and epitomised by walking the Geopark Way.
  • Catalogued by village local history societies (Cleobury Mortimer Chronicles)
  • Described on village websites (Mamble)
  • Documented in publications such as The Story of ‘Kinlet’ (2008)
  • Researched with Heritage Lottery funding (The Four Parishes Heritage Group)
  • Evidence of many centuries of charcoal making, iron smelting, railway & canal building for coal mining & stone extraction, brick & paper making
  • Grant funding has made possible the exploration and restoration of former industrial sites such as Oreton Brick Kiln

Natural heritage:

Wherever you are in Cleobury Country you will hear the cry of buzzards overhead but our rarer species are to be found on small sites of special interest (SSI):
  • Cramer Gutter (Oreton) bog asphodel, bog pimpernel & marsh gentians and the keeled skimmer and large golden-ringed dragonflies
  • Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club crested newts
  • Chorley Covert: stinking iris