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Cleobury Country Business Networking Group

The networking group has been running now since January 2012 in its current format. However after recent discussions we have decided to revamp the group for 2017.

The ALL NEW Cleobury Country Network.

The relaunch of the Cleobury Country Network for 2017 will take on a number of changes, based on feedback from attendees and experience of other successful networking groups.


We will be increasing the frequency of meetings to 20 per year, instead of the usual 12. 4 of these meetings will be ‘Jollies’ as Clare likes to call them!

The main reason for adding more meetings is so that people have the chance to attend more regularly and maintain good contact with each other, or if you miss a meeting, it’s not so long till the next one.

We will also be adding some guest speakers at certain meetings, as well as the usual program of business improvements support by Peter Roper. We will also be handing over the reins of certain meetings to guest group leaders to give Peter a break every now and then!

The 4 ‘Jollies’ will happen in January, April, August and December. There will only be this one meeting in these months, so you’ve got time to recover!

Why not bring a pull-up banner along to meetings at the Cleobury Country Centre to help advertise your business.


We have always had success with ‘CHIPS’ on the menu, but we are now also going to introduce ‘PIZZA’ on a rotating schedule, for a bit of variety.

There will be an opportunity to sponsor the food at each meeting as usual, however some slight changes will occur to benefit the sponsoring business a little more…

Sponsors will need to let us know in advance which meeting they would like to sponsor, so that we can advertise the fact a lot more. The new improved bulletin will be sent out to over 600 business, and will feature more about the sponsor of the food at each meeting.

Also, every sponsor from the year will go into a draw to win prizes at the end of year Jolly in December!


A new and improved bulletin is being created, and will continue to be sent out to many local businesses. We also intend to promote the bulletin, members and sponsors via social media.

Full members get a special profile and advert in the Bulletin, which goes out to a growing list of over 600 local businesses.


Nothing in life is free, and up until now the Cleobury Country Networking group has been free to attend, courtesy of the Cleobury Country Centre. However we think that to get the best out of networking and to support the Cleobury Country Centre, which is a Not for Profit Organisation, we need to create a membership based group.

Now before you all run for the Hills, hear us out!

Full membership to attend all 20 meetings (including the 4 Jollies) will cost just £150 per year, all of which goes to supporting the Cleobury Country Centre. That’s just an average of £7.5 per meeting, which includes food, refreshment and networking.

If you would prefer half membership, for 8 meetings and 2 Jollies, then it’s just £95 for the year.

And finally if you just want to ‘Drop-in’ then each meeting is £8, or £10 if it’s a Jolly!

Invite a Friend:

We would like to encourage you to bring along a business colleague or friend, if you do, their first visit is FREE!

If you invite a friend along who joins we will put you in a special draw to win prizes at the December Jolly.

Meeting Dates:

January 18th at CCC
February 8th and 22nd at CCC
March 8th and 22nd at CCC
April 5th Jolly
May 10th and 24th at CCC
June 14th and 28th at CCC
July 12th and 26th at CCC
August 16th Jolly
September 13th and 27th at CCC
October 11th and 25th at CCC
November 8th and 22nd at CCC
December 13th Jolly

From these sessions a monthly bulletin is published, The Cleobury Country Business Networking Bulletin, and is emailed to all our 600+ businesses. It’s free to get a copy so make sure you’re on our list!

Please book your place by calling 01299 272300 or emailing