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Cleobury Mortimer Bell Ringers

The Cleobury Mortimer Bellringers ring in the tower of Saint Mary’s Church and are members of the Hereford Diocesan Guild of Bellringers in the Bridgnorth District. We practise on Tuesdays from 7pm until 8.30pm, where new ringers are always welcome!

Contact details
Alec Osbaldiston
Telephone: 01584 891351
Main details

The Cleobury Mortimer Bellringers ring in the tower of Saint Mary’s Church and are members of the Hereford Diocesan Guild of Bellringers in the Bridgnorth District. We practise on Tuesdays from 7pm until 8.30pm, where new ringers are always welcome!, and regularly ring for Sunday Church services from 9am. We also ring for Wedding and Funeral services as well as peals and quarter peals for other events.

The church gate is locked during the Tuesday practice night. Visitors wishing to join us on a Tuesday please ring the Tower Captain, Alec Osbaldiston on 01584 891351. However it should be noted that Tuesday night practice is usually suspended for the month of August.

Recent News

Our last annual outing took place on Saturday 7th July 2018, taking the Cleobury ringers to North Shropshire. We rang at towers in Beckbury, Shifnal, Lilleshall, Newport and Forton. Unfortunately our tower captain Alec was unable to join us on the day owing to a bout of illness and several ringers were stricken by car trouble on the way to our evening meal. Barring these incidents we generally enjoyed a pleasant day out, including a picnic lunch on the grounds of Lilleshall Abbey and finishing up with an evening meal at The Fighting Cocks, Stottesdon. A selection of photos from the outing are viewable using this link. 

Peals & Quarter Peals

  • Prior to the 11am service on Sunday 2nd September a quarter peal of 1260 Bob Doubles was rung. This was a first quarter for Joyce Leech.
  • A quarter peal of 1320 Surprise Minor, comprising 720 Beverley and 600 of Cambridge, was rung on Sunday 3rd June  prior to the 11am family service.
  • On Sunday 4th February a quarter peal of 1260 Plain Bob Minor was rung before the 11am family service. This was a first quarter conducting a Minor method for Matthew Duley.
  • Prior to the 11am service on Sunday 6th August 2017 a quarter peal of 1320 Kent Treble Bob Minor was rung. This quarter was rung to congratulate Ed Purslow, a member of our band, on being awarded Duke of Edinburgh's Award gold badge.

Bell Maintenance

As of January 2016 the Cleobury Mortimer bellringers have been proud owners of a set of Big Wilf's bell muffles, much simplifying the process of muffling the bells for Remembrance Day and other occasions.  The clock hammer was briefly out of commission in June of 2014. Unfortunately a weld from some previous repair work failed, requiring a new clock hammer arm to be forged. Thankfully the repairs were carried out promptly, so the clock was not silent for long!

In January and February 2012 the bells underwent some much needed maintenance work, following recommendations arising from an inspection carried out in 2011. This maintenance work was successfully completed by early March 2012, and included:

  • The removal of cast-in crown staples from bells 2-6 that should have been removed during the last major restoration of the bells in 1925.
  • Re-hanging the bells on new ball bearings, adjusting the swing times to bring them into proper alignment.
  • Restoration of the clappers by re-profiling the balls, adjusting the hanging radii and fitting new bushes.
  • New slider running boards.
  • Fitting a double pulley, drilling a new rope hole and removing the old rope guide for the 2nd to improve handling.

With the bells out of commission for an extended period the Cleobury Mortimer Bellringers made use of what would have otherwise been downtime for the ringers by visiting other towers in the area, such as Stoke St. Milborough, Chetton and Arley, and assisting them on their practice nights until the bells were restored. The first quarter peal after re-hanging was rung on 8th March 2012. This was a quarter of 1260 Doubles, comprising 360 each of Stedman and Grandsire, and 540 of Plain Bob, and was rung in memory of Frank W Pain, former Churchwarden, who died on 5th February while the bells were out of action.

Tower History

The tower itself dates back to the late Norman period (c. 1160), although the spire itself is a later addition, and today houses a peal of six bells. The current peal of bells was re-cast in 1757 by Abel Rudhall of Gloucester (the date of the first casting is unknown). The ringing chamber also houses a pendulum clock dating back to 1772 which remains in operation and chimes the hour to this day.

The inscriptions, weights and pitches of the six bells are as follows:

  1. Hark to our Melody. AR. 1757. (5.5cwt D#) [Treble]
  2. Abel Rudhall cast us all, 1757. (6cwt C#)
  3. Peace and good neighbourhood, A.R. (7cwt B)
  4. J. Atwood, Vicar, 1757. (6cwt A#)
  5. Richard Dorset, Will Oseland, Ch. War, A.R., 1757 (9.75cwt G#)
  6. I to the Church the living call and to the grave do summon all. (13cwt F#) [Tenor]

The Ringers

Our local band is as follows:

  • George Castledine
  • Clare Coleman 
  • Matthew Duley (Tower Vice-Captain)
  • David Eve
  • Jonathan Fair
  • Brian Gadd
  • Chris Kippin (Steeple Keeper)
  • Heather Kippin
  • Joyce Leech
  • Edward Lupton
  • Sarah Lupton
  • Philip Morton
  • Alec Osbaldiston (Tower Captain)
  • Margaret Osbaldiston
  • Alison Price
  • Edward Purslow
  • David Rayner
  • Ryland Robertshaw
  • Diane Waddington
  • Chris Walker
  • Liz Walker (Treasurer)
  • Ray Wilson (Clock Keeper)

Annual Reports

Report for 2017 (pdf)

Last Updated 15th September 2018


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